How to plant Broccoli from seeds? The Best Way

plant Broccoli from seeds

How to plant Broccoli from seeds? The Best Way

Are you fond of green veggies?  Once you talk with a nutritionist about the goodness of green vegetables, you will be overwhelmed.  You can find cucumber, spinach, celery, kale, and broccoli on your square meal as green veggies. Green veggies strengthen your immune system and offer you to maintain a good diet.

Broccoli has a good amount of vitamin C and K. If you are a home gardener planning to harvest your broccoli from seeds, you are in the right place. Hence, you can learn all the tricks and procedures to plant broccoli from seeds, as this write-up will assist you. So, don’t have cold feet, my home gardeners.

You can start collecting the seed from a garden center or can make them at home easily. So, let’s bring the fresh broccoli from the garden to your plate.  Limelight on How to plant broccoli from seeds. Here we go.

Origin and varieties of Broccoli

This delicious green vegetable can hit you up with its nutritious value. The flower buds and stalk of this veggie are edible. Moving on to its origin. Italy started to cultivate it first, and now it is found everywhere in the world. Then as time passed, England and America were the first countries to have a taste these beautiful forms of cabbage. Here are the top ten broccoli-producing countries:

China 37.1%
India 34.67%
USA 4.94%
Spain 2.93%
Mexico 2.69%
Italy 1.43%
Turkey 1.22%
Bangladesh 1.11%
France 1.01%

The top ten producing countries of fresh-headed Broccolis from 2006-2020, found from Tridge Exhibition. In the USA, the USDA growing zone 2-11 are best for growing broccoli and other brassicas.

Broccolis are native to the Meditteranean East part. Fresh, dark green broccoli started its journey in early 17. It got a long history, right? That means it has massive varieties as well. So, let’s find out how many broccoli varieties you can grow in your home garden. Remember, all these varieties are growing from seeds. They are the following-

  • DiCicco: This broccoli has a small head. So, it blooms with small shoots. It’s not a hybrid.
  • Packman variety: It has a split-up stem and is sometimes called a sucker. The nice head of broccoli comes out. It is a premium crop and can give tons of broccoli.
  • Majestic Crown: It is a hybrid as well and has a large big head of broccoli.

There are several other hybrid varieties you can grow at home. But pack man and the majestic crown has a great response.

How can you plant your broccoli? You can propagate the seeds or plant the seedlings in the garden bed and grow them. But today, we will focus on how to plant broccoli from seeds.

How to save broccoli seeds?

You can easily buy seeds from the nearby garden center. But if you are interested in collecting your own mustard broccoli seed, stick to it.

plant Broccoli from seeds
Image Source: Canva

Imagine you have a nice head of broccoli, and you can make a recipe out of it, but instead, you also want to have seeds for your next garden season. It’s difficult. So, let your broccoli head grow further, and they become a beautiful flower. This is where the flowering starts and attracts the bees and other pollinators.

Flowering goes further, and you see the yellow color of broccoli flowers disappearing and becoming drier. The flower becomes completely dry and looks like cream color grasses. So, if you pluck a floret and crack, you will see the black, round things falling.

And your Brasicca seeds are ready to store and sow!

Preparing the Brasicca aka broccoli  seeds

You can sow the seeds directly onto the garden bed. After you collect the seeds, wash them off and dry them. Then sow the seed in an organic-rich soil mixture. Even you can grow the sprouts. Once you collect the seeds, you can put them in a mason jar and add water. Then drain off the water and keep it in a dark place.

Continue changing the water daily, and 10 days later, you can see sprouts growing. One can enjoy broccoli sprouts as a great diet food as it is on the trend. Or transplant them into a garden bed.

Growing Broccoli from Seeds

Broccoli is a golden crop. You can grow them in winter, fall, and spring and get a good harvest. What are the requirements you need to grow broccoli from seed?

Soil mixture

You can mix peat moss, vermiculite, and coconut coir for the seed’s germination. This soil mixture can hit your seed’s growing quickly.

Potting mix for seedling transplant

After you see the leaves in your seedling, you can transplant them into an individual potting mix for further growth. This potting mix comprises 30% peat moss, 30% vermiculite, and 30% compost. And add 10% of manure or any other compost. You can keep your seedlings for 5-8 weeks to grow in the pots and transfer them to the garden beds.

Transplanting the seedlings into garden beds

You can use 4 into 4 garden beds for approximately 8 broccoli seedlings. Don’t overcrowd the seedlings, as it will create bolting. Bolting of broccoli means when the head of the broccoli does not show up. By giving enough space to your broccoli seedlings, you ensure plenty of broccoli from the garden bed.

By doing this, you are ready to eat the broccoli. The best thing about broccoli is you can have several broccoli florets. On second thought, cauliflower gives us only a big head, but broccoli can produce little florets, and you can harvest them.

Don’t let your broccoli become a flower. Harvest the broccolis immediately. Flowers can attract pests and bees. So, when you see the broccolis becoming a flower, then chop the flowers.

Essentials to grow your Healthy Broccoli

The tiny bird clusters meet together and raise a big head of broccoli- that’s what correctly describes broccoli. To get the tasteful brassica harvest, you need to emphasize several things. And get a success story on how to plant broccoli from seeds.

Seed germination time

Sow the seed before the first frost date. Mid-July to mid-September is best to germinate your seed. This is a germination time for fall. If you plan to have broccolis in spring, then try germinating the seeds in an indoor space. For spring, you need to sow the seeds at least six weeks before the last frost. The time for both fall and spring depends on your USDA zones.

Broccoli loves a sunny vibe.

Transplant your broccoli seedlings into a sunny and warm place. At least 6-8 hours of full sun is essential for broccoli plant growth.

Soil pH

The broccoli is somehow like acidic soil. The soil pH can be 6-7 for optimum plant growth.


In case of spacing, you should maintain 24 inches row to row distance and 12 inches plant to plant.


Broccoli loves moist and nutrient-rich soil. Don’t overwater your broccoli; don’t spray water on the broccoli head. Secure a well-drainage system. Broccoli roots are shallow so don’ disturb them with overwatering or excessive weeding.


Broccoli doesn’t love temperatures more than 30 ° C. The suitable temperature would be 25-26 ° C.

Pest Control

In your broccoli garden, you might often notice aphids and white flies. Treat them with neem oil and pure casted soap. Even ladybugs can help you to protect your broccoli from aphids. Spray the mixture at least once a week.

Essential nutrients

Broccoli loves a high amount of phosphorus, potassium, and less nitrogen in the soil. If you see a hollow stalk in the broccoli garden, it is a lack of boron nutrients in the garden soil. It is a study of Mississippi State University Extension.

So, these are the essentials you need to maintain. Well, broccoli plants can grow up to 40 cm. You can even use them as your ornamental plant in the garden bed. They can always be decorative veggies in your meal.

Exploring the Broccoli as low Food map Veggie

A little extra charm for you. A food map is something related to diet.

People with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) follow the low Fodmap. What vegetables are low Fodmap? Some low Fodmap vegetables are turnips, olive, eggplants, and lettuce.   Broccoli is also a low Fodmap vegetable. Why is broccoli a low food map vegetable?

Because broccoli has a low Fodmap serving size in the crown, stalk, and whole broccoli. The stems of the broccoli offer the lowest Fodmap. But which part of the broccoli has the high Fodmap? It is the florets when it becomes high in quantity it can be high Fodmap and increase fructose uptake.

So, all in all, your green, leafy broccolis are low FodMap vegetables.


Let’s have some rapid faqs on Broccoli growth and its overview as a vegetable:

How long does it take to grow broccoli from seeds?
After you sow the seeds in the soil mixture, it may take up to 8-12 weeks to see your broccoli in the gardens. But the broccoli growth varies with all other factors like watering, soil nutrients, etc.

Can you put seeds directly into the soil?
Of course. You can sow the seeds in a garden bed but it is more preferable for the fall season when the garden bed is dry. But the best way is indoor germination.

Can you eat cooked broccoli with IBS?
Though the broccoli has low fodmap and can be high fodmap according to serving sizes. In some ways, cooked broccoli is not good for IBS people.


How to plant broccoli from seeds can be an interesting story in your green garden. Newbies or experts can face difficulties with seed germination. But it’s not rocket science. If you follow the right steps, then you will enjoy the fresh broccoli.

So, break a leg with your new broccoli-growing journey!

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