Spicy hacks to grow Black Cobra Peppers in your garden

Black Cobra Peppers

Spicy hacks to grow Black Cobra Peppers in your garden

Do you like hot chilies and spice in your mouth? Then you might know some of the names of hot peppers. Well, there are many types of peppers all around the USA. Piri Piri, rocoto pepper, Serrano pepper, bell pepper, hot varieties, sweet chilies, and whatnot.

Let’s talk about the spiciest one, which are goat weeds/ black cobra peppers. Do you think you can handle this spicy pepper? You can make black cobra recipes like chili salt dip and salsa and spicy sauce with the black cobra peppers. Why not plant the black cobra peppers in your garden? And get the fresh, hot taste of this pepper. For these, you need seeds/ seedlings, some soil preparation, and maintenance, and you are off to the peppers.

Let’s bring the peppers to the table because it’s show time.

What is Black Cobra pepper?

The thin, shiny, and cone-shaped small peppers with white seeds are all about black cobra. Regular chilies and black dark cobra peppers are indifferent. The main difference is in color. Black cobra peppers are black and dark green and become red when ripe. When it becomes red, it becomes even spicier. These peppers are well-renowned as capsicum annum because it is the only species of this variety.

The plant of cobra peppers has hairy stems and leaves. How long can be a pepper plant? The plants can be long up to 91 -152 cm. And the peppers can be 6-7 cm in length along with white flowers. How many black cobra peppers per plant? This pepper plant is a heavy producer. So, there can be 20-30 peppers per plant.

Black Cobra Peppers

Why do we eat peppers? They taste spicy and make you cry sometimes. But your cry will not go in vain because there is a nutritious value in the dark cobra peppers. It has a low amount of fat and high vitamin C, A, and K. Moreover, it has sodium, potassium, and manganese. So, it is worth having it on your plate, even if it’s spicy.

What is the origin of these black cobra peppers? These peppers are a popular plant in Venezuala, South American home gardens. Well, this is an heirloom seed, so now it is available in many states of the USA. So, a lot of spicy things about the dark cobra peppers.

The spiciness of the Black Cobra peppers

These Thai chili papers are often called the devil/ dangerous peppers. The peppers grow upward in the plants.  A fuzzy stem plant holding beautiful black and red cobra peppers can look good in your garden. But when it comes to tasty, the hot peppers can hit you like raw fire. It is similar to the Cayenne and Serrano peppers in terms of hotness.

Where do the black cobra peppers stand in the Scoville heat unit chart? A Scoville heat unit measurement can measure the spiciness or tanginess of chilies. Thus, the black peppers range from 20,000-40,000 SHU. Human taste buds can differ from person to person, but SHU gives a gross amount of spiciness that a person might feel.

The source of this Scovill Heat Unit is Title Max. In most cases, due to the spiciness of these devil peppers, they come in a powder form in the market. Following this, you can use them in your cooking according to a limit.

Growing the Cobra Peppers in the Garden

Well, these Vietnamese dragon peppers can grow well in your garden bed. How come? You can buy the seedlings from a gardening center and transplant them into big containers or garden beds. The black pepper grows well in the USDA harvesting zone 4-24. So, track your growing section for the black pepper plants.

Well, what’s the best time to plant your cobra peppers in the USA? After the last snowfall which means in mid-March, you can grow your pepper Fseedlings. In the summer season, the black cobra peppers become blooming.

In mid-May, you will seeF a beautiful growing pepper plant. Your pepper plant will grow taller, the stems will look fuzzier, and the white flowers will start to bloom in mid-June. By the end of June, you will see your black cobras are forming, and peppers are always in an upward position. When you see the leaves of the dark cobra peppers plant are rigid, shiny, and curved means, your plant is ready to grow peppers. The tips are on points, nominal, and the head of the chilies are facing vertically.

What are the requirements of your dragon peppers for proper growth?

  • 6-8 hours of full sunlight is a must
  • Proper watering. Do not overwater. Because the pepper plants like dry feet. Water them accordingly to need.
  • Again well-drainage system
  • In the early stage, mid-March, and end of May, try a staking/ supporting system around your pepper plant. The support can grow your pepper plants in a better manner.
  • The pepper plants have a long growing season so plant them as early as possible.
  • The garden bed for planting the black cobra peppers should have a high amount of organic matter, loose soil, and dry.
  • Fertilize your pepper plants in the growing season with fish emulsion and seaweed mix every three weeks.
  • Tomato or vegetable fertilizer can also work well for your black cobra peppers plants.
  • Feed your soil with soluble salts if there is a deficiency of salts in your soil because the pepper plants’ yield is good when there is enough sulfur and magnesium.

The black hot peppers are 5-15 times hotter than Jalapenos and larger than bird eye chili. Dark cobra pepper plants are cold tolerant chili varieties. It is a unique pepper that can turn into three colors in a lifetime.

First becomes green, then dark green or black, and finally red. Initially, the black pods are hotter than the red version of this pepper. So, your black cobra plants can never go wrong if you follow the above requirements.

Growing the hot peppers from the garden seeds

When you have a huge yield and a lot of seeds, you can plan to have more plants in your garden by collecting the seeds. Wash the seeds with water and soak them. Then after 2-3 days, sow the seeds in a potting mix. Keep the seeds in a dry and warm place. You can wait until the new leaves appear and they are ready to transplant. Most probably, within one month, the seedlings are ready to transplant. The hot peppers grow well in sandy, loamy soil, with and pH of 5.5-6.5.  Dig your garden hole up to 1 foot or more and sow the results. And within a month, you will see the amazing result of your pepper plant’s growth.

Common Diseases of the Black Cobra Peppers plant

Pepper and chilies are touchy and can lack nutrients in the growing seasons. Epsom salt is a must while planting cobra pepper plants. In the case of pests, grubs can be the one. So, it is better to grow so many hot cobra pepper plants in your garden bed so that you confirm a good yield. Leaves wilting, grubs eating roots, and other things can hinder/ kill your plant. In this case, you need a good amount of pesticides. Black bean Fitz can be a problem.

How do you treat these pests? You can use the home hacks, like putting neem oil in the leaves. Insecticidal soap application can be a magic trick as well. These work well on the aphids. The natural water spray can remove the aphids, but if it grows more, you will require insecticides.

The great trick to getting many black dark cobra peppers from your garden is to pluck off the blossoms at the young age of the plant. When the plant is young, but you see a flower bloom, don’t worry. Pluck off. These will help your plant roots stronger and the plant’s ability to hold more peppers.

You can experience some bacterial problems in your pepper plant. Brown lesions, foliage diseases, and the frequent rains of summer can start of bacterial disease. The peppers from these infected plants can also have the brown spots. Avoid overhead watering, remove the affected leaves or uproot the plants. rotate crops, and use resistant seeds.


There are some spicy questions from the new home gardeners about the spicy cobra peppers. Let’s look at the questions below:

Can I grow a Cobra pepper plant?
Why not? The black pepper plant can give you hundreds of black cobra peppers if you plant them in the right location and season.

Are black cobra peppers commercially used?
In the USA, these spicy peppers grow in the home garden and have less commercial value. It is popular in South America for burning, blooming, and black garden peppers.

Can I say cobra peppers heirloom seeds?
Yes, the cobra peppers are heirloom seeds. The seeds from the pepper can create more plants with high yields. These plants are mostly known as Indian heirlooms often.


Black Cobra Peppers are one of the unique and rare ornamental plants found in the home gardens of the States. Then why not plant a black spicy pepper plant and get a spicy vibe at your food?

This write-up tells you most about the cultivation, harvesting, and care for the cobra plants. So, don’t let your reading go in vain. Utilize the every steps, and you will have a plenty of black cobra peppers to enjoy.

Burn your summer garden with spicy black cobra pepper yield!

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