Buy the Best Corn Seed Planters in 2023

Buy the Best Corn Seed Planters in 2023

Sowing seeds and then waiting for the yields is a common thing in gardening. But what if you can disperse those automatically? It will be great. Well, in a farmland/garden, you can apply any seeds. It can be your favorite fruits, flower seeds, or vegetable seeds. In terms of vegetables, corn is a star one in the USA. In most States, you can see abundant corn production. But mainly in the Heartlands like Ohio, Kentucky, Dakota, and Missouri. In this article, we will let you know about Best Corn Seed Planters in 2023 |

According to many analyses, corn production is a super contributor to the USA’s economics and food production. Corns are good for great cash returns in the USA. Because they can export the corns in many other countries. Around 12 billion $ was earned by the USA just for corn export in 2018. It is huge. There are lots of derivatives of corn. You can get flour, oil, cornmeal, and whatnot. By producing such goods from corn, the USA is stealing the market of corn and producing this cereal grain at a higher rate every year. How USA get a bulk of corn production around 90%? So, corn production is easy by using one tool. What’s that? A corn seed planter. Let’s have an overview of the corn seed planter, how it works and what are the best corn seed planter for you in the market. So, let’s get a robust ride about the corn seed planter and see you efficiently you can run your farmland /corn garden. Yellow grains are waiting for you.

What is a corn seed planter?

Automatic engines or traditional tractors merging with an auto planter for corn seeds is a corn seed planter. It’s a machine where you don’t have to dig your hand into the soil to sow the corn seeds. An easy process that can produce abundant corn seeds.

In the farmyard, the corn seed planter is much gigantic and designed to produce more corn. These corn seed planters can save you time, energy, and money as well. So, it’s a winning product in the case of farming.

According to your field size, your purpose of production, and another criterion, you will choose the best corn seed planter for you. However, various sizes, machine types, etc. are available in the market.

Mostly, the tractor is controlled by GPS and spreads the seeds with the best row distancing to gather more grain in-house.

You can see the corn planter automatically dig in the soil, place the seeds and seal the ground again. In general, a corn seed planter can plant corn seeds at 10 rows or even more at a time.

However, the corn seed planter operating in many rows is the row-unit mechanism. What are the parts of a corn planter? Of course, apart from the engine in a tractor, there are many parts in a corn seed planter…

  • Hopper: It stores the corn seeds in the planter. Through the metal fingers at the bottom of the hopper picks the kernels and place them in the soil.
  • Row cleaner: You can guess what it does. It prepares the farmland for sowing the seeds. It moves away the weeds, and rock in the field and it is just at the front of a corn seed planter.
  • Zero-till colter: This part loosens the soil and makes it ready to hold the corn seeds. Again, a rubber gauge unit is complementary to the no-till colter. It helps to create a suitable depth for the corn seeds.
  • Openers/seed disks: In this section of a corn seed planter, cut a trench on the soil and place the corn seeds. The seeds are coming from the hopper through a hole in the belt and are thrown by the openers into the soil.
  • Closure unit: With the best perfect space in the soil, the seeds are placed. what’s next? A metallic closure unit seals the soil.

This is a great tool to sow around 30k or more seeds in one acre at a time.   It is of great use to the economic corn production. Back in the 1850s George W. Brown first introduced the corn planter used in farming. Through these, the farmers get great to yield within no time with neat and perfect row spacing. A lot of modifications happened to this gigantic corn seed planter within these years.

What’s the velocity of this machine in terms of seed dispersal? Well, if the corn seed planter is efficient enough then it can cross 7-12 kilometers/hour. However, nowadays you can get fertilizer box in the corn seed planter. So, whenever, you drop-off the seeds, you also enrich the fertilizer as well.

Types of corn seed planters

There is tractor-driven maize, and manual corn seed planter as well. Some are big and some corn seed planters are easy machines, small. You can buy a one-row corn seed planter for your garden. Or if you have farmland, go for a two-row, four rows, six-row, or 12-row tractor maize to ease your corn seed spreading. Both the corn seed planter has many bright sides for a single gardener/ a farmland owner. Here is the breakdown of the best-selling and most efficient manual and power-driven corn seed planter in the following-

The Chapin Garden Push Seeder

Buy the Best Corn Seed Planters in 2023

Well, it’s a convenient and easy-maintenance corn seed planter. Not only corn seeds, but you can also Well, it can hold up to 20 seed varieties at a time. There is no scope to get tired with this Chapin corn seed planter.

Because, it has a handle at the back made of foamy, cushion fabric. So, pushing in the garden would be easy with bare hands.

The Chapin Garden seeder has a plastic hopper to store the various seeds and keep them count. It can space the rows with a 76 cm rotating row creator and place the seeds perfectly. There are six seed plates. For example, there are corn seed, onion, turnips, onions, and carrot seed plates. All the plates are interchangeable, and these are made according to the different sizes of seeds.

It has 4.2 ratings, and it costs around 192$. The color combination of this Chapin Garden seeder is black and red. This durable, easy-pushing metal alloy Chapin corn seed planter can be a great buy for you.

Pros Cons
  • It will last for a longer period like 2-5 years if you use it in home gardens. But lasts less for a commercial garden. Lightweight, easy going and cheap.
  • Though it has seed plates, small seeds sometimes stuck.

The Field Tuff 3-Point Corn Seed Planter

Buy the Best Corn Seed Planters in 2023

Another seed planter is in town for you. What to expect from it? Well, it is a nice, mini tractor design corn seed planter. It has 3 points, and the seed planter can sow the corn and bean seeds at the same time.

You can control the seed opening, and seed depth, and the flexible wheels and features allow you to control the row width. In general, the row width is from 14-36 inches.

You can’t expect this corn seed planter to weed out your last season garden and then it will plow the seeds. It is only best for the bare garden and to start with the corn seeds. On the other hand, what about the seed pocket? The seed pocket is adjustable, and you can adjust for coarse and fine seeds. It got around 3.4 stars according to its functioning. But yes, this is not a manual seed planter, you need a power tool/tractor to operate it. So, with little investment, you can wish to have this corn seed planter.

Pros Cons
  • Can adjust the row width and you can hold up to 6kg seeds per hopper.
  • Sometimes repairing and securing the seeds are needed. The wheels do not help to secure the seeds.
  • Requires a bare land before operation

Agri-Fab 45 Tow Speeder

Buy the Best Corn Seed Planters in 2023

It is a spike corn seed planter. Black in color and got 32 inches of width. You need a tractor to hold this tow speeder.  This corn seed planter is galvanized and has ten inches flat free tires. on the two sides.

However, a corn seed planter can drop off the seeds in a 40,000 square area in one round. You can control the seed depth with a robust steel lift handle. And how to merge this with a tractor? Well, the usual hitch is easy to attach with any tractor from any brand.

Moreover, it is easy to operate, you can seat in the tractor seat and turn on/off the Agri-Fab seed dropper. Almost 55% of people are a fan of this corn seed planter.  It has 4.1 ratings.

An aerated, fast-working tool, that you can get in your garden. However, some say that the speeder is not continuous and only best to use in a home garden of one -two acres. So, it can be worth buying at 242$.

Pros Cons
  • Drop seeder works excellent and applicable for the weed, feed, and fertilizer.
  • The design is not completely flawless, and the assemble is time consuming.

Comparison Table

Services Chapin Seeder Field tuff seeder Agri-fab speeder
 Seed bag It has six seed plates and interchangeable 2 hoppers to hold the seeds One easy-handling poly hopper
Warranty Depends on usage. Up to 5 years for home appliances. 1 year. Depends on usage. But the non-rust materials increase the lifetime
Assemble Not required Required Required
weight It is lightweight due to the plastic seed discs, and the operating belt is wee thin. So, it is only 5.17 kilograms Nearly 124 kilograms. It is 20 kilograms


What is the best size of a corn planter?

It is wise to use a corn planter that can cover at least 100 acres of land in each row. In that case, the corn seed planter with 10-row planters can drop off seeds on 1000 acres of land within 10 days.

What happens if you plant corn too close together?

It will alter the corn’s taste. If you don’t allow the seeds of the corn to grow in a large space, eventually, the corn will have less taste and end up in failure. So, maintain a row spacing in terms of corn cultivation. In general, a 2.5-3 feet distance is better for corn seed spacing.

Which Corn seed planter is the best?

However, it depends on your preference. You can either pick the tractor corn planter or manual corn seed planter depending on your land type. For farmland, you need a big, tractor maize. And for home acres, you can buy the Chapin, Field Tuff, or Agri-Fab corn seed planter.


The main idea behind using a corn seed planter is to minimize your effort and maximize production in one thread. It can give you the pleasure of corn harvesting on farmland and a home acre as well. So, hope that you found your best corn seed planter by this time with the help of Gardening’s Core.

A corn seed planter equals tons of corn production!


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