Create a Magical Dragon Garden: Top Tips for Success

Create a Magical Dragon Garden: Top Tips for Success

Create a Magical Dragon Garden: Top Tips for Success

Hello, my garden fellows!

How is your garden doing? Is it nice and ninepence? Well, gardening is always a bunch of happiness. But if you are going to do something massive, then you need to watch your steps. For instance, a dragon garden. This fruit is tasty and healthy at the same. So, people are more excited to grow this fruit in their very own garden. Gardening’s Core is always moving forward with the latest garden trend, tools, and techniques. Following this, it has brought the dragon gardens fashion just to your screen. Through this short read, you will explore when to start dragon gardening, what you need, how to go forward, and finally how you end up with the fruits. Are you ready to kick off the dragon garden? Here we begin…


Well, this is the very first step to starting off your dragon garden. You will be using the dragon fruit seeds, cuttings, and seedlings to begin the dragon gardens. These different propagation methods will be giving you the same output. Of course, a dragon garden with dragon fruits hanging over it. But you need to choose one at your convenience. However, let’s see the propagation types one by one…

Starting with seeds

You can easily begin with market-bought healthy seeds/ stored seeds from your previous fruiting period. Try to collect the best seeds for your dragon gardens. If you have the seeds, follow these steps:

Create a Magical Dragon Garden: Top Tips for Success
Dragon Seedling(Image Source: Google Search)
  1. First, collect the seeds and wash them. You can directly use the scrape-out seeds from a slice of dragon fruit or else you can grow the stored seeds.
  2. After washing, take the seeds in a wet cloth and leave them for 10-12 hours.
  3. One day later, plant those seeds in a container or at the outdoor dragon garden. In this case, your soil mix should be not too dry/ not too moist. No need to plant those tiny black seeds deeper in the soil mix. Cover them with a light soil layer and just give them a light sprinkle of water.
  4. Remember, if the weather is too hot then cover up the seed pot with plastic wrap to hold the seed moisture.
  5. Within 20-30 days, you will notice that seeds have sprouted. From tiny black little seeds to growing green exotic plants. Interesting, isn’t it? In this stage, you need to transplant the seedlings. If you are planning to set up an indoor dragon garden, then transfer the growing seedlings into larger containers/ pots. If the dragon garden is outside, then simply place the seedlings. Make sure, each seedling has enough room to grow. In general, the column-wise distance should be 2-3 meters apart in the outdoor dragon garden. And row-wise, the distance would be half of a meter. So, a gross spacing would be 2 meters in the column into 0.5 meters in a row.

So, yeah that’s how you end up with the final dragon garden through the propagation of dragon fruit seeds.

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Cuttings can be easier

If you already have these exotic climbing cacti in your home, then you can establish a dragon gardens from the cuttings. Well, how does it work?

  1. Take a healthy brunch from your mature dragon fruit plant. Remember, the cut brunches should be 6-12 inches. You can take them off with a shear gardening tool. Check out some other amazing gardening tools.
  2. You can cut off the brunch into several pieces if it’s long enough, then place them in a garden bed/ indoor container.
  3. Don’t cover the cut brunches with too much soil. Place them 1-2 inches deeper and make sure the cuts are all sun-facing and standing out.
  4. Within one to two weeks, your cut brunch will turn into a tiny cactus-like plant. Ultimately initiating the dragon garden!

Of course, these luscious dragon gardens can capture the Milly bugs, mildew, and other fungi very quickly. So, try to add some fungicides and pesticides to the soil mix for each type of propagation.

A quick review of the Dragon Garden

These sweet and sour fruits are the favorites of many. These are native fruits of Central America. Very popular and well-grown in Vietnam, Mexico, Australia, and many other nations. The variety of colors- dark pink, blue, and yellow color dragon fruit can also taste different. Check out the best reads from Gardening’s Core on Blue dragon fruit plantation and how to grow dragon fruits indoors. So, some sure-shot essentials will finely grow your dragon gardens. What are these?

Create a Magical Dragon Garden: Top Tips for Success
Dragon Garden(Image Source: Canva)
  • Sunlight: Direct sunny room/place in a dragon garden is a must. So, 6-8 hours of sunlight would hold your dragon garden beautifully. There is no second thought to the sunlight. If you are in an extremely colder region, you can go for plant lights, and greenhouses to give that warmth to the dragon garden. As indoor dragon fruit plants, you should always place the pots facing directly to the windows.
  • Temperature: USDA growing zone 9-11 are best suited for the dragon gardens. Perhaps, you can grow the plants in any weather, but harsh cold/hot summers are not well-fitted for them. The dragon garden can grow well from 0-30 degrees Celsius.
  • Garden soil/ potting mix: In the case of the soil mix, you should go for loamy clay soil. Make sure your dragon garden has a well, airy, and enough moist soil. 60% regular nutrient-rich soil, 20% perlite, and 10% coco peat, 10% all-purpose fertilizer can be a good ratio. You can alter this ratio according to your zone and weather etc. Count in the soil pH as well. It should be within 6-7.
  • Moisture balance: The dragon garden doesn’t love the muddy, watery base. It loves the moist but well-drained soil mixture. So, water these more or less cacti-like plants regularly. It can’t act like the real cacti, so it needs water. Once, or twice a week water the dragon garden. Overwater and underwater both can harm your dragon garden. So, make a line between these two.

However, besides the above essentials, you should take care of the dragon garden through regular pruning, fertilizing, and composting. Pruning is simply just taking off the dead plant leaves, twigs, and wilted brunches to make your plant grow faster. Fertilizing and composting will help your dragon garden uptake more nutrients.


Okay, let’s see some relevant questions to your dragon garden that will make your dragon fruit initiative more robust. Let’s grab them one by one…

How long does a dragon fruit plant take to bear fruit?

If you properly nurture your dragon garden, then any variety of dragon fruit will be on board within 5-6 months/ sometimes more than that. Dragon gardens produce fruit not for once. Dragon fruit can live up to 20 years or more. So, in this life span, a dragon garden plant can give you fruits 4-5 times in the fruiting season. A sustainable fruit indeed. Perhaps, the dragon garden in pots can take up to 1-2 years/ more to bear fruits.

Are dragon fruit trees fast-growing?

Mainly late June through September is the fruiting/growing season of a dragon garden. These tropical, exotic, giant plants can grow faster during the growing season. However, if you don’t bother with the sunlight, temperature, etc., then you would suffer from the growth. So, make sure to provide the dragon garden with proper space, nutrients, and many more.

Does dragon fruit need a trellis?

Of course, a dragon garden with a support structure can bear more fruits. Because the dragon fruit plants in the outside space can grow tall. How big can a dragon fruit plant grow? Well, it can reach up to 2-6 meters and can be wide up to 3 meters. So, giving it a support with wood stake, or growing in a trellis and some climbing poles would trigger the production rate.

How many times can you harvest dragon fruit in a year?

Another name for the dragon fruit plant is the moonlight cactus. These cactus fruit plants can produce flowers in the summer through autumn. Beautiful white flowers are a sign of pink, fleshy fruits. within a year, you can harvest the fruits 5-6 times. The interesting story is the white dragon fruit flower blooms just for one day. So, roam around in your dragon garden while the flowering season, to see those beautiful white dragon fruit flowers.

How many dragon fruits per plant?

Well, a dragon fruit plant produces 50-100 fruits in the mature stage at every fruiting season. So, it’s a gross calculation that your dragon garden can produce 300- 1200 fruits. It depends on how many plants you have in your dragon garden. If you have 10 dragon fruit plants, you can expect 1000 fruits or more!

Final Thought

Setting up a dragon is not rocket science. Have a grip on your gardening skill and mark the dates on the calendar to run a dragon garden. Timely start the seedling raising and enable all the super ingredients to grow your dragon fruits. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy a dragon garden with all your heart.

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