How to take care of Winter Rose poinsettia?

How to take care of Winter Rose poinsettia

How to take care of Winter Rose poinsettia?

Winter blooms are something that brings a vibrant look to your garden. Eventually, the rose poinsettia is one of the winter blooms that lighten up our garden. Let’s sneak peek at how to take care of winter rose poinsettia in an easy way gardening.

Do you need a lot of effort to grow those winter rose poinsettia? Not at all! Some simple steps and thumb rules for these lovely red, white, and pink poinsettias can bring you successful garden bloom. What makes the winter poinsettia special? These flowers are popular to grow in the middle of the winter, and with their large bract, they are good to go now. Like other winter flowers, they don’t come for a short period. Yes, if you know how to take care of a rose poinsettia, then you can have them in your garden for a long time. So, a long blooming time makes rose poinsettias special! No more here, let’s jump into the Winter Rose poinsettia caring.

Winter Rose Poinsettia: The long-lasting Colored Leaves

How to take care of Winter Rose poinsettia
Winter Rose poinsettia(Image Source: Canva)

These flowers are very much popular for this reason. However, there are many other varieties of rose poinsettia. This flower belongs to the Euphorbia family. Euphorbia includes Crotons, Ricinus Communis, leaf flowers, and many others. This family of flowers is also termed Spurge flowers. However, our poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are also one of them and are known for gorgeous bracts.

Winter Poinsettia is native to Central America and Mexico like other spurge flowers. Mexican Flame leaf is another name for white poinsettias. You know what? There are 20+ varieties of colours for poinsettias. So, there is no compromise with the colours of winter poinsettias. These beautiful coloured leaves can be amazing houseplants as well. Interesting, right?

In the USA, South Carolina is famous for growing most poinsettias flowers. Usually, USDA growing zone 9-11 is best for these vibrant, cosy blooms.

For winter parties like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, these poinsettias can remain in your garden. So, you can call it n eternal flower. Winter poinsettia’s existence or re-bloom completely depends on “how to take care of winter rose poinsettias“.

More about white poinsettias

This winter-ornamental flower blooms can do best from January to March. If you want to get the flower for another year then keep the flowers under cover to protect them from frost. However, summer is the best time for re-flowering/ re-potting.

Most probably you can rely on the month from May to July for re-potting. To grab the concept of How to take care of winter rose poinsettias, you should know how the different parts of the poinsettias are arranged for proper growth.

  • Height: This flower plant can be tall up to 60-300 cm. In the USA these flower plants look like a small, shrub-like tree.
  • Flowering: In the case of flowers, they are big in size. The winter poinsettias can give colourful bracts as you know already. So, the actual flower is in the middle and colourful-marble, white, pink, and red bracts are all around.

Favourites of Winter Poinsettia

How to take care of the winter rose poinsettias brings us to the regular requirements that a plant might need to grow. It is important to know what your flowering plant needs before you plant them. So let’s see what they need-

What kind of soil is best for Winter Poinsettia?

Well-drained soil is a prerequisite for any plant growth. As winter poinsettias are winter bloom that means mulch is needed. The soil mix with 40% peat moss, 30% compost, and 30% regular soil turns well for these lovely winter poinsettias. Don’t overwater them, the plants may hate the water clog. Again, soil Ph is a factor for proper growth. Soil Ph 5.5-6.5 means slightly acidic soil acts well for the winter poinsettias.

The best temperature for white poinsettia bloom

The temperature can make so many differences. If the weather is likely 15-23 ° C, then you can hope to see the best blooming result. Frost and heavy temperatures are not for white poinsettias. The bracts can become discoloured due to the high temperature.

What are the water requirements?

How to take care of the white poinsettias? You should give it moderate watering. Early morning watering is the best option. Make sure the 1-2 inches of the top soil is moist. This can support the plant roots. Overwatering / less watering can always be chaos for you and cause your root to rot.

The best position to grow the winter poinsettias

These poinsettias love the shallow sun kiss of nature. It grows well in the sunlight with 6 hours to 8 hours of partial sunlight. How to take care of the white poinsettias? Give them a partially sunny location, they will love to bloom.

How much fertilizer for white poinsettias?

Well, fertilization will boost your white poinsettia’s growth. The most common fertilizers for poinsettias are nitrogen and phosphorus. If you continue fertilization from the beginning, it will give you good growth. You can put 200-300ppm of nitrogen fertilizer. It is a recommendation from the University of Massachusetts Amherst extension.

Pruning is good for poinsettias

Pruning of the node from your winter poinsettia, gifts you a bushy plant.  So, pruning helps to re-growth your plants. At least two-three inches of trimming can help you to see new branches of the poinsettias. Basically, after Christmas or more specifically in March you can do the pruning. Just cut off the visible nodes of your winter poinsettias. And this pruning leads you to your next blooming season/ Christmas bloom. Pruning the white poinsettias is a thumb rule in “how to take care of the winter poinsettias?”

After you prune the winter poinsettias plant, you can simply treat it as a cactus. Because there will be no foliage or shoots that will start to come up after 40-50 days, less watering is okay for that stage.

Why winter poinsettias are famous as a house plant?

How to take care of Winter Rose poinsettia
Winter Rose poinsettia(Image Source: Canva)

Their colourful bracts are always attractive and the most lovely holiday plants inside the house. Yes, you can easily grow white poinsettias inside your home. How to take care of the white poinsettias? You can plant them in a small potting mix and give them the right sunlight.

One needs to follow simple steps like collecting the roots of the winter poinsettias from a garden/ ne seedlings. Then gradually give it fertilizer, water, and sun. You can finally see the bloom of your potting winter poinsettias.

How to take care of winter rose poinsettia? You must check the roots even if your plant bloom is okay. Few brown roots determine that your winter poinsettias are pretty good but the brow/ decaying roots should not be more than 50%.

So, from the garden to your indoor corner, winter poinsettias are ready to bloom. These poinsettias bloom is a gift to you if you care for the plants.

What are the diseases of winter poinsettia?

When you think of how to take care of the winter rose poinsettias, you must count on their potential diseases. The most common diseases of winter poinsettias are the following according to The Pennsylvania State University Extension:

Falling leaves: It happens due to improper setup. For example-less light, low water, and root rotting.  If you have this problem in the garden bed then maintain a space between your winter poinsettias plants in a moist soil bed.

Scab: These are yellow colour spots in the vein of the green leaves. It happens due to the Sphaceloma poinsettia fungus. So, avoid overhead watering, and support the plant with less humidity.

Powdery Mildew: It’s a common problem for all plants. The leaves turn yellow and the roots get the whiter snow-like disease. Oidium fungus is responsible for powdery mildew. So, apply fungicides to protect your winter poinsettias from powdery mildew. Also, check the cuttings to avoid the most disease when you replant.

Flower blight: Usually the brown spots on the flowers, stem and leaves. Botrytis cinerea is the causing pathogen for brown blights. Well, space between the plants, and air movement can save your winter poinsettias from brown blights.

So, these are the thriving diseases you can face on the way to how to take care of the winter poinsettias. But if you abide by the rules to grow it then the chances of the diseases are quite less.

FAQ on How to take care of the winter rose poinsettia


How long does a poinsettia live?

The flowers can live for 50-60 days and after the blooming season/ when Christmas ends, the flowers will drop off. If you save the winter poinsettia, you can re-pot/re-bloom them.

Why is my poinsettia losing its leaves?

Lack of water will result in leaf loss. If you don’t water the plants regularly, your leaves will start wilting and fall off. So, water the plants to get that glossy foliage.

How to get poinsettias to re-bloom?

Well, you need to prune the winter poinsettias after your last bloom, then keep them watering, and fertilizing, leave them in a dark place, and after the new branches appear, take them outside or plant them in indoor pots.


Flower gardening is always fun. So, choose the winter poinsettias as your winter garden bloom. Now that you have learned more about how to take off the winter rose poinsettia, growing them is simple math for you.

So, the red winter poinsettias are on board!

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