How to Grow Enoki Mushrooms: A Complete Guide

How to Grow Enoki Mushrooms

How to Grow Enoki Mushrooms: A Complete Guide

Once in your life, you might have come across different types of mushrooms, some very good for your health and some very poisonous. Enoki mushrooms are one type of mushroom that can be found in different regions of Asia more specifically in its eastern parts, though by appearance it may appear to be more exotic to many western audiences. Today, we will embark on a journey where we will explore in detail enoki mushrooms, where we will guide you on everything that you need to know about: how to grow enoki mushrooms, where you can plant them, what are the prerequisites before you begin growing them, and many more questions that we will answer in this article. But before diving into the growing process, it is essential that many readers who do not understand very much about enoki mushrooms can have a better grasp of the topic. So, let’s start!

Before knowing how to grow enoki mushrooms, know what exactly they are!

How to Grow Enoki Mushrooms
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Enoki mushrooms are white-coloured long mushrooms with their stems skinnier than others and have small caps which are rounder in shape. The botanical name of enoki mushrooms is Flammulina Filiformis. They are very popular in the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean regions because of their being part of delicious dishes at feasts. As different regions have different languages, people with different languages have named them differently. For example, people in Japan have called these mushrooms “golden needles” as they do have a golden touch. On the other hand, in China, they call them “Jingu” and in Korea, they are “Paengi Beoseot.” This means that regionally, the name of this particular type varies but the nature stays the same.

Where do enoki mushrooms grow?

To answer this question, it is necessary to differentiate between wild enoki mushrooms and cultivated enoki mushrooms. Many people fail to see the broader difference between the two and often ask irrelevant questions that may mislead them. Even though this blog only focuses on cultivated enoki mushrooms, for your information, it is mentioned here that the wild enoki mushrooms only grow on the swarms of different trees in the forest. The ones that we are to teach you are cultivated enoki mushrooms that require a special place and atmosphere that we will discuss in detail below.

How can you grow enoki mushrooms at your place?

If you are looking for a way to grow enoki mushrooms at your place, then we are here to guide you from start to end. So, there are two ways through which you can grow enoki mushrooms at home. Firstly, through the starter kit method and secondly, through spores.

What is the best and simplest way to grow enoki mushrooms?

If you ask us what the simplest possible way to cultivate enoki mushrooms at home is, then we would say: through the starter kit method. But you might be wondering why it is the most straightforward method. The answer to that question is that when you follow the starter kit method, you already have blocks wherein you can grow enoki mushrooms without putting any further effort. All you need to do is just put water into the blocks and keep them in some dark environment. That’s it! Now just wait for around two or four weeks for mushrooms to emerge.

Although it may appear to be way too simple, still you need to follow a proper process in order to yield the product you desire. So, below we have outlined the steps that you have to take from beginning to the end during the starter kit method to grow enoki mushrooms. So let’s begin!

  1. Buy a starter kit before you begin the process!
    The first step that you need to take to grow enoki mushrooms through the starter kit method is to buy the grow enoki mushrooms kit itself. There are many places on the online platform that are offering their services for this where you can order it. It won’t cost you that much but the price always varies as per the quality of the product. However, the average price will be around 30$ dollars.
  2. Separate the grow blocks you want to grow enoki mushrooms in
    When you are done buying the starter kit, the next you have to take is to separate the blocks that are with the kit wherein you have to cultivate enoki mushrooms now. In these blocks, you will find some materials that either can be sawdust, which is the waste products collected from wood, or straw. Both materials help enoki mushrooms seeds to grow faster than ever.
  3. Put water into the grow block
    When you have blocks ready and replete with materials essential for growing enoki mushrooms, the next step that you need to take is to put water into it. While you are doing so, make sure it is filtered and free of any chemicals that can harm the enoki mushrooms. Although the quantity of water that you need to put into the block varies depending on the size of the blocks, usually, it should be around 240 ml. Make sure that water is enough to make the material wet completely in the enoki liquid culture so that the mushrooms can emerge in maximum quantity.
  4. Wrap something over it
    Now you are done with the initial steps. The next thing you need to do is to wrap anything around the container or the grow block in a way which allows the air to enter inside it. It can be anything, from a plastic lid to any bag. Use whatever you have. Make sure it is not completely closed so that it does not stop the flow of the air. If you are doing so, then you are blocking the growth of mushrooms.
  5. Find a perfect place to keep
    After covering the container, the next step which is very detrimental to the cultivation of enoki mushrooms is to find a perfect place for keeping the grow block. When you are doing so, make sure that the place has minimum light entrance points, which means the place must be very dark; and its temperature must be cooler than the average temperature, between 10°C to 5°C. The reason for doing so is because enoki mushrooms need both a dark and cool ambience to flourish.
  6. And now bite your time for 1 to 5 weeks
    After putting your heart and soul into the process, now your hard work is over. All you need to do is wait! Let time decide the outcomes. Maximum by 5 weeks, you will start to notice the emergence of enoki mushrooms at your place that will brighten your face with happiness. We wish you the best!

To make it easy for you, we have structured below the most important things essential to grow enoki mushrooms in chart form.

Easiest method  Starter kit method 
Perfect place Cold and dark 
Optimum temperature 10-5 celsius
Average time Three to five weeks
Air Should not be completely blocked
Quantity of water  Around 250 ml 
Price of starter kit Average 30$

Were You Wondering About!

What is the suitable place to grow enoki mushrooms?

On the other hand, the enoki mushrooms that can be cultivated require a dark place wherein carbon dioxide (CO2) is available in the maximum quantity. Only when these two prerequisites are available will the rest process proceed.

Can you grow enoki mushrooms easily?

Yes, you can grow enoki mushrooms at your own house without any trouble. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into the process but you must ensure that all the essential things that are prerequisites for starting the process of growing enoki mushrooms at your place.

How can growing enoki mushrooms help you?

Growing enoki mushrooms can be of very much help for you for various reasons. Firstly, they are edible, giving a delicious taste. Because of this reason, they are employed in different recipes, like sauteed enoki mushrooms, enoki miso soup, and a lot more dishes. Secondly, enoki mushrooms can also be used for medical purposes because of the availability of multiple nutrients in them, such as fibre and B vitamins, enriched with antioxidants, which boost the human immune system by resisting the growth of cancerous cells and improving the human heart beat rate and brain functionality.

What is the minimum temperature where enoki mushrooms grow?

Enoki mushrooms growing temperature must be kept lower than 10-celsius degrees in order to provide a cooler environment.

What is the most important thing for growing enoki mushrooms?

Enoki mushrooms growing conditions are very important. If you fail to keep a check on them, you will not yield the results or outcomes you desire.

Can you approach us for more information about enoki mushrooms?

Yes, you can whenever you want. Ask us anything about enoki mushrooms or how to make enoki mushrooms spawn. If you need an enoki mushrooms cultivation pdf guide, we can provide that too. We can also provide you with information about enoki grow tek. Even, if you want to know about the particular countries where you can find, such as enoki mushrooms spawn Philippines or any other country, we will tell you in detail.


To summate all, we have provided everything that could help you in guiding you about how to grow enoki mushrooms. From telling you what enoki mushrooms are to how you can cultivate them at your place to answering all your queries, this article comprehensively attempted to be a perfect guide for you. If you have any further questions about the topic, please let us know. We are always here to support you about everything related to enoki mushrooms.

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