How to grow roses from cuttings without rooting Hormone?

How to grow roses from cuttings without rooting Hormone?

How to grow roses from cuttings without rooting Hormone?

Who doesn’t love roses? The elegant colour and fragrance have made it one of the most meaningful flowers.

It has great popularity as a cultivable and cut flowering. You can grow your cut rose flowers in the garden. The USA gets most of the cutting stem from South and Central America. Though it is a delicate process, the right one will give you a huge blossom.

Do you want to grow roses at home from one tree? Well, no need to worry. You can follow the easy steps and come up with the roses from cuttings. How to grow roses from cuttings without rooting hormone? You can see the steps at a glance in this read. So, what’s on your mind? Let’s start bulb the roses!

History of roses

You might remember the rose varieties. There are fifty different species and more than a thousand varieties of roses. However, Roses are famous for their intense colour, red, and catchy hybrid nature. This woody plant is a favourite of people for showing emotions. People use it at weddings, religious functions, funerals, and whatnot. The history of roses is so long. Europeans, Chinese, and the middle-east have a long saga of using this beautiful flower.

Not only that, the French have discovered more varieties of roses. Not only the red colour roses- yet the white, pink, yellow, and other vibrant colours of roses are also multi-purpose. Roses will nevertheless bloom your garden with an immense fragrance and intense colour in the garden landscape.

Using Root Hormone for Rose cuttings or not?

Can you propagate a rose without the rooting hormone? Why not? Rooting hormones are an intact combination of hormones that help cut growths of the leaves, stem, and whole tree. Well, the rooting hormone has another name- auxin. We can’t use rooting hormones without proper formulation. Rooting hormone contains Indole Butyric Acid(IBA) and Naphthalene Acetic Acid(NPA). The IBA is the auxin that stimulates root growth. One can use it as powder, gel substances, or as liquid form.

Some hormones work best for specific plant propagation, but some cannot be viable for each plant species. Like, rose and other flowering plants sometimes do not respond to rooting hormones.

Seasonal variations can be a vital pick for rooting hormone propagation in roses. How come? A study published on International Journal on Biology and Biotechnology about rose cutting propagation in spring and autumn with rooting hormones says both seasons can act differently due to the use of rooting hormones. The rose species varieties also give different results on growth regulators for different seasons.

So, rose rooting without rooting hormone is the trend now. One can use the kitchen ingredients as the rooting hormone. What can I use instead of rooting hormones for roses? Apple cider vinegar can be one option.

It contains 5% acid. Take stem cutting. Add nearly 5 cups of water to a container. Then one teaspoon of vinegar and your rooting hormone for rose cutting is ready.

Homemade rooting hormones can be aloe Vera extract, cinnamon powder, Saliva of human. Interesting, isn’t it?

Rose Cutting Roots in Soil

from cuttings without rooting Hormone? I am kidding! You can use this hack to create more and more rose plants on your own. At first, choosing the whole tree stem would be the best idea. It should be around 5 inches and also have a branch. Then, you will cut off all the leaves from the stem. Reminder, this trick doesn’t need any rooting hormone. Peeling off the branch section can help you to make your stem alive. Okay, let’s move on to the preparation of soil for rooting. What will you have in your pot?

Finally, you will use 50% simple soil, 25% perlite, and 25% coco peat. Well, you can use dry leaves instead of coco peat. You put your small pot in a container, in a warm space, or if you have a greenhouse, that would be best. While using this super easy method, you will avoid overwatering for sure. Because of overwatering will initiate fungal infection in the new root stem. After a few days, you will see new stems and leaves sprouting.

You can use homemade fertilizer that will boost your rose rooting growth. Banana peel-off fertilizer is the best one for roses-rootings. You can boil the banana peel off, then use the spray on your plant and in the roots. Initially, the roots cannot uptake the nutrients. The banana peel-off spray helps to increase nutrients.

Another hack for using the banana peels for rose cutting can be drying the banana peels in sunlight for 2-3 days and then grinding them. Later on, mix the grindings with dry tree leaves and put on the sowed cutting once a week. Some beginners ask, what is the fastest way to root rose cutting? Well, these hacks can surely give you success.

You must know what your rose plant seeks, as a rosarian, right? You will need a pH ranging from 6.3 to 6.8; the soil will be slightly acidic, but not too much. The sand and gravel can be a good option for your well-drainage of rose trees. Moreover, the waste compost can help you to make the soil acidic naturally, which is favourable for your rose rooting. However, moving on to the sunlight exposure, you will need 6 hours of sun on the head for your proper growth of roses.

What is the fastest way to root rose cutting? Rooting in the soil can be a quick way. Because soil has all those nutrients and acidity that roses love to grow in.

Rose Bulbs in Water

Will a rose cutting grow in water? First and foremost, take a healthy cutting. Then make a diagonal cut just below your leave nodes. Make sure to remove all the green leaves. Don’t hesitate. Because this will help your new stems to sprout in advance, this is what the garden expert suggests. Otherwise, the plant leaves uptake the nutrients. But you can keep the top leaves which help in photosynthesis and increase the cutting growth. Take a small glass jar full of water and place the stems.

How to grow roses from cuttings without rooting Hormone?
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You will take the glass jar in shadow and keep changing the water every other week or two weeks. But what the cutting root growth in water helps us know? Well, we can plant the cut root of roses directly into the soil, as I mentioned above. But the water root growth method helps us to monitor both the root growth at the bottom and the upper growth of the cutting.

Most importantly, the opening part of the glass jar or pot should be broad enough to allow air and light to pass through, which helps the plant’s development. In water, how long does it take rose cuttings to root? Well, it can take up to 25 days or more to propagate your roots in water. They will become visible, hardy and just perfect to rest in a potting mix.

Well, the hydroponic development of rose roots is a bit of a difficult method of growing rose roots out of this. If you can’t take proper care, you will fail to grow rose roots.

Growing Roses with honey and potato

As the name suggests, you will need potato and honey for this. How to grow roses from cuttings with honey? You will require a freshly cut-rose stem without leaves. Then dip the rose cutting in the honey bottle and quickly place it in the potting mix or your garden soil.

The potato method for rose cutting includes a fresh potato. You will tear the potato in the middle section of it and place your rose cutting in it. Then place the whole potato bearing the rose cutting into a potting mix or in your open garden space. How do you grow rose roots by using honey and potatoes? This technique needs both of the elements in this case. The honey in this method works as a rooting hormone.


Let’s check out some of the most asked questions by gardeners or florists who face problems regarding” How to grow roses from cuttings without rooting Hormone?”

Why are my rose cuttings dying?

Sometimes, when you collect the rose cuttings, you might see that the rose cuttings are dying or rotting. Propagating rose stems become black. But why does this happen? Fungal infection can cause this. Overwatering, less air pass, a rare variety of rose, under-watering can cause root dying. You can use fungicides to avoid the cuttings dying or simply the baking soda.

Do rose cuttings root better in water or soil?

Well, the soil is a natural body that always supports plant growth. Though water rooting in water is also effective, soil supports the rooting better. And, there is a chance of root rot in the water medium.

How to grow roses from cuttings at home easy method?

The best time to grow your roses is February-March or September- October. But using easy home hacks can help you to get all-year roses. Turmeric powder can be the easiest method. You can dip your cutting in turmeric and place it in the soil. It prevents die-back and fungal diseases and helps to grow your cuttings naturally.


Cloning or root cutting is a practicable technique in horticulture. You can grow cuttings from your mother plant to get as many plants as you want. For example, you can gift the cutting roots of roses to someone as this flower is always beloved.

While this process stimulates the growth of the cutting roots, you can use root hormones. But, they are sometimes toxic and require handling. How to grow roses from cuttings without root hormones? Well, a rose plant or any plant can make its rooting hormone if it gets the proper care after cutting and medium as said above.

To sum up, you can grow your beautiful, busty roses from cuttings even without using rooting hormones. Following some facts and tricks can give you a tremendous blossom. Happy Rose Bulge!

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