Best Wooden Flower Pot For Indoor Garden In 2023

Best Wooden Flower Pot For Indoor Garden In 2023

Best Wooden Flower Pot For Indoor Garden In 2023

Hello folks! How is your gardening going? No matter what it is the kind of place that is never tired to give you pleasure. A flower garden always amazes you with its beautiful color and fragrance, on the other hand, a fruit/veggie plant always fills your garden basket with such goodness. So, everyone wants to have a distinctive style in their garden. To make this gardening journey happier and more fruitful, Gardening’s Core is always there for you presenting the best green thumb rule. So, today is also not a different day.

Where we were? Yes, talking about the styles in your garden. So, if you have or do not have a large garden out there, you start with garden pots. These garden pots are of so many styles. Of course, we choose the easier, available plastic garden pots. But ceramic pots, metal pots, resins, fiberglass,  earthen pots, coir/coconut husks, paper-made pots, terracotta, concrete pots and other fabric grow bags as well are catching the show. What about the wooden flower pot? They are trendy, sturdy, and easy to pick.

Roll on your eyes some of the best wooden flower pots that Gardening’s Core enlisted for you. Shall we begin? Let us go.

What is the benefit of a wooden flower pot?

Well, they derive from perfect, mature, timber trees. The wooden flower pots are stylish, a natural thing, so easy to degrade after use. However, the wooden flower pots are a great gift idea. How come? You can see various shapes, designs, and some art/paints in the wooden flower pots. There are circular, small rectangular, irregularly shaped, and different wooden planters as well. The wooden planter can be directly fitted into the garden bed. Which can easily increase the beauty of your greenery corner.

But are most of the woods are suitable to make wooden flower pots? Most probably not. Cedar tree wood and redwood are popular names in the market as the raw materials for wooden flower pots. Why are they extensively used? Because the cedar has excellent lasting character, even being a natural entity the cedar fight against the fungus and other rots to protect the planted tree. An additional benefit is the cedar woods are weather resistant. So, when it is scorching heat out there your plant’s root will be still cool and safe inside a wooden flower pot, same goes for the cold times as well. Then what about redwood? It is relatively cheap, easy to access, and much admired for its color.

Moreover, Hosta, Agapanthus, Cornus, Hebe, etc trees also produce quality wood for wooden flower pot manufacturing. Whenever you are going to make one for yourself or as gifts make sure the woods are from disease-free and stout trees. Rather than designing it, you should maintain the quality first. Even while buying a wooden pot, remember to get a good one with all the capacity that will complement your plant.

Sometimes the wooden planter box can be a great alternative to the garden-raised bed/ separate planting can be easier as well. You can put your soil and then place the different seeds to kick off the gardening.

The Oval-Two-piece Creative Co-op Wooden Flowerpots

Best Wooden Flower Pot For Indoor Garden In 2023

So, here we go. A product of creative Co-op that has two wooden flower pots under one package. These wooden flower pots are typically woody in color and cylindrical.

These creative Co-op wooden pots are not machine-derived. These are the result of classic handcrafting, so these pots have beautiful finishing. It is a perfect pick for you to plant your indoor plants like a spider plant, dracaena, and many more. You can keep the two wooden flower pots in each corner of your room. One is small and the other is bigger.

Well, how much it costs? The package costs 138$. If we generalize more about the small one, then it is 10.25 inches in both width and length; the height is 12.25 inches. What about the bigger one? It has 13.5 inches of width and length; 15.75 inches of height. Is it lightweight/ heavy? Approximately, it weighs 3kg, so a bit weight but not heavy. Sometimes, you need to use the liner or some protectives in the wooden flower pot. So that it will not degrade easily.

This paulownia wood pot set required no assembly, and it has a 4.5 rating with 23 reviews. Not bad! People love these pots because of the real wood texture, sturdiness, durability, and how it holds indoor plants.

Pros Cons
  • Nice shape is beautiful and is easy to move. So, a perfect choice for indoor plants.
  • Create Co-op wooden flower pots that are the same as the picture provided for the advertisement.
  • The wooden flower pots have no drainage holes. So, you need to do it by yourself.
  • The small wooden pot one has some dark patch issues.


An Authentic Recycled Wood Planter

Best Wooden Flower Pot For Indoor Garden In 2023

It is an available amazon basic product. This wooden planter can be a charm in your indoor house. The shape is perfect for any indoor plants, herbs, and small flower plants. It has a classy and rusty wood color. Because it is made from recycled wood and pine.

Wait, this wooden flower planter is not only made of wood. To make this flower planter more durable and stronger, this rectangular wooden planter has steel alloy legs at the four edges. This steel alloy is also protecting the wooden structure from any harsh weather.  Not the end, you will discover a transparent plastic lining in this basic Amazon wooden planter.

Also, this wooden planter has velcro, which helps to avoid any displacement of this plastic liner. So, how big is this wooden pot? It has 12.6 inches in length, 37 inches in width, and 15.4 inches in height. The wooden classic planter is mounted outside and sometimes it has classic black color.

However, you need to assemble this wood planter which has 24.5 pounds. If you consider the ratings, it has 3.8 ratings and 2251 reviews about it. Massive. So, how much to pay for this? You will pay 75$ to have this product in your garden.

Pros Cons
  • It is a great wooden planter and saves the woody wall through the plastic liner
  • But sometimes the bottom can fall out and the wood finishing is not always good.


The Bert’s Garden Whisky Barrel Wooden Flowerpot

Best Wooden Flower Pot For Indoor Garden In 2023

By its name, you can guess the outlook. Yes, it is a wooden flower pot made of wood and plastic mix, lightweight, and looks like the whiskey barrels!

But yes, these are not whiskey barrels, these are flower pots o keep in the indoor and outdoor garden. How much does Bert’s garden wooden flower pot costs? It costs 12$ and you can get two wooden barrel flower pots. In this post, you will see a black design on the top and bottom. However, it is 4.5 inches high, 7.75 inches in diameter, and 7.75 inches wide. According to its size, it can accommodate any flower species, herbs, and other houseplants.

Moreover, the barrel-type wooden pot has four drainage holes, and the plastic material protects it from heat, rain, and cold. It has a 2.7-star rating. So, a worthy wooden flower pot to buy gives your plants a chic, rusty, and outstands your growing plants look.

Pros Cons
  • This wooden flowerpot is a lightweight, natural look, ready for indoor/outdoor plantation
  • Has drainage system
  • Sometimes it has bad construction.


let us count some best questions about wooden flower pot and relating your garden to most people.

Is a wooden flower Pot good?

Why not/, Unlike many other flower pots, wooden flower pot hold your indoor/outdoor plants and give them a great grip. The wooden pots are super resistant to the weather and protect the plant’s roots to a great extent. Downtime, it may sometimes get various diseases. But it depends on the wood type, quality, and a gardener’s maintenance as well.

Do trees in pots need more water?

The plants in pots always require a different treatment. Well, when you have a plant in a garden bed, the scenario is different. But the potted plants need enough potting mix, fertilizer, and of course a great drainage system as well. So, you can treat them according to the inside or outside environment.

What is the difference between a wooden pot and a wooden planter?

There is a very thin difference between these two. A wooden flower pot is something in small size, movable, and easier to maintain. You can keep the wooden flower pot indoors or in an outdoor space. But the wooden planters are giant, fixed in the outside area and you can build it of any shape, holding many plant species in a row. So, wooden flower pots and wooden flower planters are synonymous but not the same in terms of appearance.


I hope, this read helps you to reach the best wooden flower pot for your sweet garden. Why the wooden flower pots are helpful? The boons of a wooden flower pot are eco-friendliness, the lightweight wooden pot that is easy to maneuver and has different shapes and styles.

So, hurry up! Your next wooden flowerpot is ready to purchase.



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