Top 5 Big Leaf Indoor Plants: Green foliage and Health helps

Big Leaf Indoor Plants

Top 5 Big Leaf Indoor Plants: Green foliage and Health helps

Hey Green Folks!

I hope that you are doing well with your beautiful plants today. Walking around your home garden can make you happy in any way. The fresh leaves, harvest, and blossoms are always close to gardeners.

Not only the home gardens, whenever we see something green/ plants near us, we feel close to nature. Though you have a home garden, why not decorate the inside of your home with some greenery touch? Big leaf indoor plants are not eye-catching but vital to keeping you healthy. Some indoor plants produce more oxygen; others absorb carbon dioxide the most, and much other goodness.

So, Yes! Today’s read is all about the big leaf indoor plants that can give your home decor an authentic green vibe, with some health benefits. Are you ready to pop up the indoor plants? Let’s do it.

Let’s Learn the Health Benefits of Big Leaf Indoor Plants

Once you learn the health benefits of big leaf indoor plants, you will never take them off from home. Thus, Big Leaf indoor plants can make your home look cozy and bear a health impact. Look at the list down below to have an idea of what indoor plants’ health favours towards us-

  • What if I say big leaf indoor plants help you breathe pristine air? While inside the home? Yes, these plants absorb airborne particles and make the air pure. They absorb benzene and formaldehyde.
  • These plants help to increase moisture and humidity in the house.
  • Particulate matter absorption is another divinity of big leaf indoor plants. According to research, the particulate matter accumulation is 20% more when the plants are in the periphery of a room.
  • The inside plants can reduce stress, increase productivity, and reduces blood pressure.
  • Another thing, the plants maintain the work spirit. According to a study, people with foliage plants inside the home are more likely to do their jobs properly, and in the office, they remain happy if they have plants.

How good the big leaf indoor plants are! The above points are not the only values of indoor plants, the list is longer. These are findings of a study on “indoor plant’s health benefits” by Washington State University.

What is a big leaf indoor plant?

Well, the large-leaf plants are easy-going plants. You want to get your home a vibe with green foliage with a little effort. Big leaf plants are the correct check for you. Usually, these plants are three to five feet long, with fascinating green colors. Sometimes the big leaf indoor plants have other colors like stripes/ shades of light and dark green with some white/ pink flash. The big leaf plants give a serine look to your home, no doubt.

Best Five Big leaf indoor plants

Now that you know what the big leaf infoor plants are. Let’s discover some of the plants with their goodness and their looks.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa
Image Source: Canva

A tolerant plant with big leaf is the Monstera Deliciosa. You don’t need to pay heed to water. It will grow on its own. It is a must-have plant if you are looking for that tropical complement at your home. The optimum bright light will ensure the big leaves, also the fenestration of the leaves. The monster plant has the nickname “Swiss Chinese plant”.  It is mostly native to North American houses. However, these plants have beautiful leaf patterns with white veins and this can blow your mind. The plant can grow 120-150 inches tall. And the leaves are approx 20-24 inches in size. So, that is big enough.

  • Sunlight: Medium to bright light
  • Water Requirement: It is not too responsive to overwatering/ less watering. But an optimum level of watering is a must.
  • Room Temperature: 20°C -30°C is okay for the Mostera Deliciosa.
  • Soil type: It likes to grow well in soil with air pockets. So, mix perlite or sponge rock to add more air to your soil.

The Health benefit of the Monstera inside the plant is humidifying and purifying the indoor air. Thus it enhances the indoor air quality. So, Monstera is satisfying and longer-living houseplants.

Banana Tree (Musa origina)

Banana Tree
Image Source: Canva

Yes, don’t look surprised. A banana tree is also a big-leaf houseplant. Banana trees can be tall up to 6-8 feet. The trees have a nice nickname, the “Dwarf Red”. Banana trees require fertilizer to show up. You can weekly fertilize the banana trees. The banana trees can stay healthy and live for 5 -7 years.

  • Sunlight: Bright light.
  • Temperature: 20-27°
  • Soil-type: The banana trees love organic soil. So, your potting mix for the indoor banana trees should have organic manure. And pH of the soil should be 5-7.
  • Water requirement: The banana loves moisture of the soil but not too much water.
  • Humidity: Banana trees love high humidity

So, banana trees are superb as big leaf indoor plants.

Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica)

Rubber Tree
Image Source: Canva

Another big leaf houseplant you can add to your collection is a rubber tree. The beautiful dark green leaves with different pattern and most of the leaves are shiny and gianBit. The leaves have pink or red veins and are 2-10 inches long. They can be longer if they are healthy, up to 12 inches. Rubber trees grow taller up to at least 10 feet.

  • Sunlight: These plants love bright sunlight
  • Temperature: Grows better in high temperatures.
  • Water Requirements: Rubber tree loves soil with more water.
  • Humidity: The highly humid condition is preferable. It loves 50% humidity in the home

This easy-growing houseplant has a couple of health benefits. It can purify home air by eliminating moulds and other particulate matter.

Fiddle leaf Fig (Fiscus lyrata)

Fiddle leaf Fig
Image Source: Canva

These plants are lovely as houseplants. Fiddle leaf fig has a wonderful leaf shape. This is a rainforest tree and loves warm conditions. Fiscus loves the rain and if you give it a good shower, the leaves will be more lucrative. The leaves are nearly 6-8 inches. Moreover, this beautiful plant can be tall enough and reach up to 10 feet. If you want the fiddle leaves to grow in a straight pattern, rotate the plant. Because the plant leans to the sunlight and the tall shape of this plant will be at trouble. And the fiddles love the coffee residue. If you want to grow it well, then provide some.

  • Sunlight: Low light plant.
  • Temperature: Best grows in 15-26 °C
  • Water Requirement: The tree needs water regularly.
  • Fertilizer: Fiddle leaf loves nutrients and grows well in nitrogen.
  • Soil: The soil should be light and it should contain 50% coco peat 25% soil and 20% organic matter and be well-drained. Two inches of topsoil should be moist.

The Health benefit of the fiddle leaf plant is it absorbs and controls room humidity. It also triggers the indoor air quality on average.

Philodendron gloriosum

Philodendron gloriosum
Image Source: Canva

Heart-shaped leaves with white veins and giant figures can complement your home decor. This heart-shaped plant can really catch your heart. You can find this an easy-going indoor plant. The plants grow wider and not taller. It is a creeping philodendron.  The plant is native to Colombia.  If you have a north-facing window, the plant can grow perfect.

  • Sunlight: Indirect to bright light.
  • Temperature: Best grows at 18-20 °C, inside the house.
  • Water Requirement: is a must because it loves moist soil.
  • Soil Type: The potting mix should have perlite, coco peat, and barks
  • Fertilizer: Any regular fertilizer like phosphorus, or nitrogen works well for this plant.

So, does this big leaf indoor plant help to keep us healthy?  These giant, glossy leaves remove harmful toxins like formaldehyde. One can keep this house plant to improve indoor air quality.

All in all, these are the top five giant leaves plants with low maintenance and high impact. There are many other big leaf plants you can grow. Varieties can bear different requirements though they all are houseplants.


Let’s move on to the FAQ section which can solve many arising questions of you. The FAQs are the following:

What indoor plant has huge leaves?
The answer is Monstera deliciosa. In this indoor plant, you can see the dark green with white shade and design at the edge of the leaves. The leaves can be long and broad. Generally, the sizes can vary from 2-3 feet in length.

How do take care of the big leaf indoor plants?
Try to keep them in indirect sunlight. Water them regularly but do not keep them in dam soil or very dry soil. Well, drainage of the pot is a must. Remember these house plants take a little effort to grow bigger. But fertilizing them once in a while is also necessary. So, yeah, simple care with large results!

Why my big leaf plants are dying?
Well, watering is a major thing for any plant whether it’s inside or outside of the house. Thus the big leaves of indoor plants can wilt and die because of excess water supply. So, try avoiding excess/ less watering so that your big indoor leaves can replenish.

Final Thoughts

No matter what, you want your house to look good and feel good every time. And if you are a green lover, then big leaf indoor plants can match your mind. The large beautiful leaves with easy care can drive you positive in your workplace and also in your own nest. Not only the positivity but also the health helps of the big leaf indoor plant is not negligible. Recent studies are now focusing on indoor plants for air quality management. So, big leaf indoor plants are saviours as well.

So, bring any big leaf house plants to enlighten your house and remain close to nature and feel the green surrounding it all the time.

Remember nature is the biggest saviour!

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