How to Grow Potatoes Indoors Winter?

How to Grow Potatoes Indoors Winter

How to Grow Potatoes Indoors Winter?

All of us want to have a garden- fresh food, don’t we? However, the lack of outdoor space can make us worried about growing veggies and fruits. What if I say an indoor space can also grow veggies and fruits equally in all seasons? Yes, we can produce veggies, fruits, and other foods in indoor areas.

So, are your veggie potatoes? And how to grow potatoes indoors winter season? Well, you are in the right place. I will show how potatoes can grow in sufficient amounts in the homely area of your house. Are you excited to explore the process? So, sit back and enjoy the potato harvest.

Searching the Roots to Grow

Initially, we can grow potatoes from their roots, and processing the radicle with optimum care is a must here. You can buy the potato seed from a shop nearby, or the easy process is collecting tuber from the bought potatoes.

Potatoes are a great source of carbs, and we all love mashed potatoes, don’t we? So, we can buy potatoes with tubular eyes. Later on, you can plan for your winter potato harvesting.

What do you need to do to collect the tubers from the home potatoes? Make sure the potatoes are clean by washing them. Then cut it into two pieces and let one piece rest in the water for a couple of hours or even days. And you will see the potato roots are growing.

You will plant the potatoes sprout in the soil and get your ultimate harvesting. Can you grow potatoes from the store-bought potatoes? I think you got your answer. Store-bought potatoes roots collection- an easy procedure to take off.

Container for Convenient Potato Harvesting

A common question that comes to mind; whenever we think of indoor harvesting is planting in a container. So, how to grow potatoes in a container?

You will need a giant plastic pot with enough space and pore to pass out water. The container can be either plastic or fabricated bags.

Can you grow potatoes in a bucket indoor? Why not? You need to keep in mind the bucket size. According to some horticultural studies, the long and giant pots are well for potato harvesting. So, you can pick a 14 inches diameter container with 15 inches depth to harvest your desired potatoes.

So, you can choose any of your favorite color containers of plastic or metal cans for your front garden or backyard potato harvesting mission. You must mark the well-suited size of a 2.5 Gallon, porous and spacious container to grow your yellow carbs in a row.

Essential Ingredients for Potato harvesting

Growing potatoes in the indoor Winter can be a fun one. But we need the right mixture of chemical and biological ingredients to grow our delicious potata! These are all necessary to grow potatoes all around the year too.

Soil type

Well, it is the major one. You must fill loamy, loose, and well-drained soil in your potato pot. Also, the potatoes need soil with having lower pH. The pH usually ranges from 5.6-6.5. But what about the soil temperature? It should be nearly 7-13°C. So, to plant your potatoes in the Winter, you will need to plant them earlier in April-May that can cope with the winter season. You need to keep your soil moist, and every 2-3 days, you need to water your soil.

Indoor quality and temperature

This nightshade veggie needs to have the optimum indoor ambient to grow. It can grow well indoors, but the sunlight and warmth should reach the plant for growth. You can use a greenhouse and poly tunnel for potato harvesting. Though potatoes can tolerate the cool temperature, you need to save them from frost. So, Winter indoor planting potatoes can be a good choice. Growing potatoes indoors under lights is okay with sunlight and proper aeration.

Other factors

Try to keep in mind potatoes foliage needs sunlight rather than the potatoes themselves. However, continuous mounding of the soils is a must for good potato harvesting. Mix compost can be a good option for indoor planting.

                                Optimum Level of the Factors for Indoor potato Growth
Temperature 7-23°C
pH 5.6-6.5
Best grow lights for potatoes 6-8 hours daily sunlight

Harvesting Potatoes without the mother component

So many of you may ask, can I grow potatoes without the soil? Yes, why not? You use the bought potatoes for this process. Generally, you will use the sprouts of the bought potatoes and then tear the potatoes with some sticks like a toothpick.

You don’t need to peel off the skin of your potatoes for this process. so after tearing the potatoes, place one-half of them inside a pot filled with water.

Within some weeks, you will see the potato plant coming out, and yes, it is ready to harvest. Potato harvesting requires the transfer of plants from the water pot to a mixed compost soil pot at the last stage.

Harvesting potatoes without soil is a trendy and low-cost process. It will not give you a bumper harvest of potatoes.

Potato Growing kits- A new trend

There are bunches of options to grow potatoes inside your house in Winter. A potato growing kit is a chic method nowadays. So, indoor potato growing kits are of many kinds. Organic fiber potato growing bags and kits are popular. The potato growing kit may have all the ingredients you need to grow potatoes indoors.

Fertilizer, pot, and different varieties of potatoes ease your work. But you might have a soil collection to harvest the potatoes. In the growing kit fabric container or plastic pot, you will add soil up to 7 inches and place the eyes of potatoes. Eventually, you will green shoots will pop up and add more soil. With regular watering and composting within 14-16 weeks, you will get your tender and delicious ready-to-eat potatoes.

In general, the planting time is in the spring and summer, whereas Winter is the fruiting time. So, indoor potato harvesting also follows the same planting and fruiting calendar.

Collecting and storing the new grown potatoes

After collecting the indoor potatoes from the pot, clean them with water and dry them under the sun. So, the grimes will be washed. Then store your potatoes in an indoor room with 13° C in a cold, humid and gloomy room. Chieftan, Red Pontiac, Kennebec, and Mountain rose are among the varieties of potatoes according to different seasons. You can pick up any of them for your indoor planting.

Pros and Cons of the Indoor Growing Potatoes

Well, potatoes are a significant source of nutrients and carbs. If you are growing them in indoor Winter, you are good to eat them any time. But there are some diseases of indoor potatoes too; you can avoid them. Late blight and aphides are indoor potato diseases. Late blight is a fungal disease of plants and needs fungicides to recover. Aphids are a bug-oriented disease that eats all plant nutrients. So, insecticides are a must to control the aphids.

Why is Winter preferable to growing indoor potatoes?

Well, Winter, the dry season, is best for delicious potato harvesting. Yet we might save the potato trees from frosting. Though this veggie grows all year round, Winter is a potato season. So, potatoes like the warm season but too hot season is not best for it.

However, it depends on the variety that you are picking to harvest. The new potatoes are all-year harvested and all-purpose potatoes. But there are a lot of categories like:

  • Early-season: Irish cobbler, Norland, Yukun glow, others that grow within 90 days nearly.
  • Mid-season: Chieftan, Yukun gem, Red Pontiac, others that take up to 110 days to mature.
  • Late-season: Russet, Carolla and Butte, and other types grow most lately and take up to 135 days to mature.

So, the seasonal flux, indoor environment, and maintenance all affect this tuber harvesting. Winter can be a better option to plant your potatoes.

Is Indoor Potato Harvesting feasible?

It is a superb approach to growing your food at home nowadays. The container/ bucket/ organic bag, soil, water, and seeds/sprouts for harvesting your potatoes are mandatory. It will save your dollar to buy potatoes every time you get harvested from the indoor potato plants.

Moreover, harvesting your potatoes always thrives a good impact on your physical well-being and reduces mental stress initially. So, planting nutritious timber in your indoor home is always convenient.


Here are some following often asked questions about indoor potato harvesting in Winter:

How long do indoor potatoes grow?

Well, it will take up to 2-4 months to harvest the potatoes. And according to the varieties, the potatoes will grow. So, you may choose your type of variety of potatoes.

How often is fertilizer needed?

You should apply fertilizer every 2-4 weeks to your potato plant. The tubular potatoes require nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus at an optimum level. So, excess fertilizer can damage the plants.

Can you grow potatoes year around?

Yes. Potatoes are perennial veggies. You can harvest them in Winter indoors or in the summer, known as second crops in the outdoor area. June to October is the best time to harvest potatoes outdoor or indoors.


To sum up, indoor potato planting is getting famous due to the easy procedure and tasty. Moreover, the indoor potato growing kit has added a new charm to this procedure. So, if you are worried about whether your Winter potato harvesting will work, go for indoor Winter potato harvesting. You are good to go with your nutritious veggie!

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