Discover the white snake plant flowers

snake plant flowers

Discover the white snake plant flowers

Day by day, our gardening is not just confined to the backyard garden/ lawn only. We are pretty much used to the favors of indoor plants.

Likewise, the garden blooms and tasty harvest make us happy, and the indoor greenery surrounding us also makes us more efficient and energetic.

Green touch to the indoor decor makes our find fresh and improves the indoor air quality as well. Following this, you can enlist a bunch of indoor plants for your ultimate in-home garden. Many green plants can survive smoothly in indoor conditions. Spider plant, snake plant, and many broad-leaf plants are in this category.

Let’s talk about snake plant flowers today. How you plant them, how to take care of them and how beautifully the plant responds to indoor gardening care.

Dive deep into the snake plant world!

Origin of Snake plant

snake plant flowers
Image Source: Canva

Mainly it’s a succulent home plant. But it is a jaccila native to the Kenya and Zimbabwe highlands, mostly native to Africa and also to some parts of Asia. But now it is widespread in all parts of the world. Well, in which part of the USA does it grow well? Though it is a home plant but USDA growing zone 9-11 are lovely for the snake plants. The scientific name of this home plant is Sansevieria trifasciata. Some common characteristics of this home plant are-

  • They grow in indoor conditions.
  • Perennial and Evergreen leaves
  • Plant leaves are rigid and grow upward like a naked sword. Beautiful color blend. The snake plant leaves have green color leaves with white shade edges and pointy heads.
  • Loves shade and half sunlight to grow but is a forgiving plant, still, it grows well in the home space.

However, there are many types of snake plants in a row. Different species are of different heights and with different yields. There are lots of varieties of snake plants. For example, bird’s nest snake plants have leaves like a bush and nest. Twisted snake plants have leaves with short and wavy appearance, some are like cylinder snake plants, and many more do according to the leave arrangements.

Now what? Can it grow any flowers? Yes, snake plant flowers are also in the indoor book! Well, when the snake plant is out the nutrients, it still grows vigorously and initiates the flowering for seeds. The flowers are usually white color and long.

This indoor plant has some common and interesting names for its flowers. Some call it mother-in-law tongue flower and viper bowstring hemp. You don’t need to put extra effort into growing these home plant flowers.

There are no major thumb rules for growing these flowers like other flowering plants. Do you love the strong and enchanting smell of flowers? Do your snake plant flower smell? Then count these flowers as a special treat for your home because the flowers have a nice and strong smell.

Hence, the spring is the bloom season for these houseplants and you can definitely stick to that it will produce a new flower for you in the upcoming season if everything is tidy. You can expect a 36 inches flower stalk holding all the white flower buds in a snake plant. What a beauty! Isn’t it?

On a good note, let’s conclude another thing. What do the snake plant flowers mean? It assembles good luck for the home and fills the home with lots of positive energy. Moreover, it improves the air quality and smell of the house. A happy flower indeed!

So, now you know well why snake plants are famous and how the flowers can make you feel amazing in the indoor ambiance.

How to take care of the Snake plants and their Flowers?

There is no such rule for the flowers as I mentioned in the preceding section, but there is at least some to-do list for the well-being of this house plant. You don’t want to mess up, right? So let’s have a look at what is needed for this plant.

  • Watering

Well, it is essential as we all know for the plants. But in the case of these succulent plants, you have to be picky with the watering. Don’t over-water your plants because the plants will then have a wet medium. You can apply water within 2-3 days for optimum growth. Again don’t give it less water. It will make your plant dropping, and also the plant becomes yellow and dry eventually. There is no reverse button if you make it a dry one.

  • Light, Temperature and humidity

Again, the plant needs a well-lit space. What does it mean? Enough light for the snake plants is badly needed. You can keep them in a dark room with less humidity and expect them to grow well. Remember, good air circulation and light can booster the plants and flowering stages! You might not allow more than two hours of direct sun exposure to the snake plants. The temperature range could be from 10°-30° Celsius. But, it will die in snow if you keep them at a shade place outside your house. So, be careful.

  • Soil Type

We all know house plant needs light and quick drain soil for healthy development. So, it’s not different for the snake plants. Use cactus potting mix and indoor potting mix. Some use the perlite, but you don’t need to water it very often like even for 10-20 days off-water is okay for the plants. So, sandy loamy soil can work great for snake plants. Your potting mix ration can be 20% cactus compost, 20% indoor potting and 60% well-drained pot soil.  In case of the soil pH, the snake plants would love to grow in pots with pH 6.5-8.5.

  • Propagation

Well, snake plants can be easily propagated. Usually, you can count 30 days to see the new roots coming out. There are two ways of propagation, like taking a whole leaf and planting it or simply cutting a leaf portion of three inches and propagating it.

Soil propagation is a good idea for snake plant flowers. Water propagation can sometimes ditch you. So, grow the new snake plant cuts in a potting mix and let it grow the roots.

Finally, these are simple things for snake plants to make it louder as a house plant.

Some interesting facts about Snake plant flowers

The flowers have a very nice smell but if you have lovely pets around your home then they can mess up with the flowers and release a sticky matter. Even the plant leaves are sometimes toxic to furry animals. However, sometimes the immature plant offers white flowers. But mostly, the plants of 2-3 years are ready to take the stress and bloom.

Do you one thing? The snake plant flowers are pretty much unlikely to catch pests. Earlier, it was though that snake plants have only beautiful, flat leaves but then people discovered the white flowers. So, the flower appearance on the snake plants is mystery play. How long does the flowers last? Approximately for 14-30 days in the growing season.

Though these are low-maintenance plants there are some problems you might face while nurturing them inside the home. Like brown tips due to hot sun exposure, root rot while propagation, aphids, and other diseases.


Let’s cover some retro-verso questions about snake plant flowers and their flowers that are common to the most gardeners.

  • What do I do when my snake plant has flowers?

Like the most flower plant this indoor plant has an annual white flowering with immense fragrance. When this blooms in your house, you should not be afraid that the snake plant flowers might die. Because the flower will end up after spring but the plant will still survive and cheer you with fresh flowers in the next season.

  • How do I know if my snake plants are happy?

These succulents seem to be happy when they have dark green foliage with some white shades. Mainly with perfect watering, light and air flow snake plants are happy.

  • Should I cut the flowers off my snake plant flowers?

Well after the flowering in spring, you can cut off the flowers. Because cutting the flowers will help the plant to replenish in a better way and enjoy the happy nutrient-energy balance for the growth.

End Thoughts

In terms of indoor plants, the snake plant flowers is the best investment. With easy, effortless maintenance and sneak-peak with the sun in your home, these can adjust well.

And the snake plant flowers are add-ons. They smell good, last long, and re-bounce in the next year. These plants are perfect and fun loving. A good plant absorbs the indoor impurities that might harm the human health.

Let’s take care of the green within us.

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